Bake My Brownies: In the Kitchen with British Mum USA

ingredients for white chocolate brownies

In Ray’s kitchen with recipe and ingredients ready to go!

Katie says:

When I found out that Ray of British Mum USA was going to bake my Incredible White Chocolate Brownies and take pictures, I couldn’t resist the chance to interview her about it, and at the same time get her to share with us about her blog.  Ray’s blog has that quality of “keeping it real,” which I always find enjoyable.  Go check it out; you won’t be disappointed!  Now, on with the interview!

Tell us about you and your blog.

As my blog says British by birth, American by choice.  I moved to the USA after spending a summer in NY teaching children and adults  with disabilities how to swim on a summer camp.  I had the opportunity to travel most of Europe and the Middle East with my now husband for a year and then settled here in the Midwest much to the annoyance of our two children.  They are dismayed that we live in a small suburb of Chicago when we had the world to choose to live in! 

I worked for many years in the auto industry behind the scenes as the Office Manager/Comptroller, that was interesting as a woman in an all male environment.  I am now a semi at home mom, running kids all over the place, and taking time to blog (a dream come true), drink wine, enjoy family life and girlfriends. 

My blog is about nothing and everything…  I write about what takes my fancy; it has a lot about my likes and dislikes and my opinions on happenings within my life.  I try to keep it light hearted and not to much RAGING on my teen and pre-teen!

How did you find The Perfect Brownie?

I found The Perfect Brownie through Twitter, and The Domain of a Mad Mommy Blog!

Tell us about your experience in baking. 

Haha, I have very little experience in baking, very little.  I taught myself about 5 years ago to cook from scratch, and was shocked to find out that it is easier than cooking processed/packaged food.  I have a brilliant banana bread recipe that I love to make from scratch that uses Greek yogurt.  Thanksgiving was the first time I had ever made Brownies from scratch, and they made it out of the oven and right into the mouths of the waiting family.  I didn’t even get a bite!

Which recipe from The Perfect Brownie did you bake first, why did you pick it, and how did it turn out?

I picked “Ultimate Chewy Brownie” and I think it turned out well- my family ate it as it was coming out of the oven!  I picked it as The Perfect Brownie was tweeting about finding paper holders for brownie bites, and then I saw the White Chocolate Brownies, too.

How did you decide to bake the Incredible White Chocolate Brownies next?

The Incredible White Chocolate Brownies was a suggestion from The Perfect Brownie.  I was going to do the Healthy Brownies with Applesauce, but hey, the family isn’t home this weekend and I had a chance to actually taste them this time! 

Describe the difficulty level of this recipe.  Was it easy, hard, or in the middle?

I was a little apprehensive about making these as I have tried melting chocolate before and it was a horrid mess.  This was so easy!  If I can make them, anyone can make them.  Just follow the directions.  I even figured out how to reduce the power on the microwave!

Were there any points during the process where you had trouble or weren’t sure what to do?

I didn’t know what size pan to put them in.  I may have missed that direction, but I had just bought new pans.

How did it turn out?

Very well for my second attempt at baking from scratch.  They are the perfect brownie in my book.

Incredible White Chocolate brownies cooling in the pan

Incredible White Chocolate Brownies, baked and cooling!


Before you go, please tell us about your favorite post on your own blog and why it’s your favorite.

Oh, boy, that is a hard one.  One of my favorite posts is “Same Sex Marriage.”  For several reasons I am proud of this.  I am the mother of a gay child.  She has come a long way, and is turning into an incredible young lady.  I am proud to be in an era that is pushing forward in acceptance and same rights.  As my mother was a part of the movement in the 60’s, we have been a part of this movement.  Same Love… 

Thank you for taking the time to share with us, Ray!  It’s always fun to meet other bloggers.  Keep on baking! 

(Especially brownies, of course.)

Be sure to visit Ray over at British Mum USA!

Incredible White Chocolate Brownies and tea

Incredible White Chocolate Brownies and a well-deserved cup of tea for British Mum USA.


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