Christmas Party Ideas: Holiday Decor Hacks that Rock

These Christmas party ideas are the perfect assortment of holiday snacks, decorations, games, and more! Keep it simple, and you'll have a blast!

Christmas Party Ideas

When it comes to Christmas party ideas, I’m all about the simple and easy to accomplish.  Making things too complicated or formal just takes all the fun out of it!

That’s why I’ve assembled this collection of Christmas party ideas, to show you how I plan my Christmas parties for maximum jollity and minimal work.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Instant Christmas Playlist

Nothing sets the party mood like music, so a list of Christmas party ideas without music would be no party plan at all.  My favorite Christmas album is Christmas Cocktails.  If you can’t get festive to this soundtrack, then you can’t be helped.

Christmas Party Ideas for Music

Christmas Party Decorations in Five Minutes

First, tie festive ribbons around all your houseplants.

Christmas Party Ideas for Houseplants

Next, tie up your throw pillows like Christmas gifts.

Christmas Party Throw Pillow

Or, if you don’t have any ribbon, just swap out your throw pillows for holiday-themed stuffed animals.  For that matter, you can swap out your houseplants for stuffed animals and see if anyone notices.

Simple Christmas Party Snack Table

Let’s face it.  My dishes are incredibly mismatched.  There will be no stacks of fine china on my sideboard this year, and I’m OK with that.  So what else can you do to get your dishware in the holiday spirit?

You can always leave your dishware untouched by purchasing holiday themed disposable plates and cups.

Or, you can pull out all your dishes that are red, white, or green, and jumble them together for a casually festive look.

Christmas Party Ideas with Dishes

Remember your friend the Christmas ribbon?  Make silverware holders by tying some ribbon around large, heavy drinking glasses.

Christmas Party Ideas Silverware Holder

To be honest, I like to time my holiday parties for in between mealtimes.  That way, you don’t have to cook, and a snack table suffices to keep everyone happy.

Popcorn for Christmas

This year, I’m setting out Pop Works & Company popcorn on my snack table in three delicious flavors: Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel & Fudge, and Birthday Cake.

Pop Works and Company

To make this special treat (available exclusively online) fresh popcorn is topped with a sweet glaze and finished with a extra drizzle or sprinkles.  Right now, a box of three different flavors is just $15.99, and you get free 2-day shipping through New Year’s Eve, so shop now to get this fantastic deal!

Christmas snack table

The Only Christmas Party Game You Will Ever Need

I am addicted to this game.  In some circles, it is known as something impolite regarding a cat, but we will refer to it by one of its alternate names: Paper Telephone.  It’s nicknamed Paper Telephone because it’s like playing the telephone game using paper.

Of course, I’ve made it Christmas themed.

Christmas Party Ideas for Decoration

Here’s how you play.

  1. Take out a blank piece of paper.
  2. With the paper hidden from view of the other players, the first person writes a sentence.  Since it’s Christmas, add a little Christmas theming, such as “Don’t stand under the mistletoe with anyone else but me.”
  3. Once the first sentence is written, the paper is handed to the next player.  This player looks at the sentence, then draws an illustration of it a little further down the page.  This is no time to be Michaelangelo; stick figures are highly encouraged!
  4. IMPORTANT: This player folds down the paper so that ONLY the drawing can be seen, and then passes it to the next player.  The next player looks at the drawing, and then writes a sentence underneath it that describes the illustration.  Then, he or she folds the paper down over the illustration so that only the last sentence can be seen and passes it to the next player.
  5. When you reach the last person, or you run out of space on the page, the last person (depending on what the last entry on the page was) either reads the sentence or describes the illustration out loud.  Then everyone laughs hysterically because of how little it resembles the original sentence.
  6. Repeat until your sides hurt from laughing too much.

Pop Works and Company

Which Pop Works & Company flavors do you want at your Christmas party?

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