You Won’t Believe This Living Billboard Made of Beehives

Working with local beekeepers Brett Dickson of Diamond P Farm and Ranch and his family, Honey Nut Cheerios has created a living billboard made of living bees and beehives.

This incredible billboard uses honey to spell out “Made with Real Honey” on the exterior of the installation.

Honey billboard

Honey Nut Cheerios also partnered with Chef Joseph Burnett of The Osprey Tavern to create customized recipes for the billboard unveiling.  Guests sampled spanakopita and Honey Nut Cheerios infused banana cream pie dessert (pictured below).

Cheerios Banana Cream Pie

Honey Nut Cheerios Infused Banana Cream Pie Dessert by Pastry Chef Kristy Carlucci

I got the chance to speak with Chef Joseph, and he talked about how it was really encouraging to see a national brand taking the lead in driving awareness about quality local ingredients.

Honey Billboard and contributors

Chef Joseph Burnett and Pastry Chef Kristy Carlucci of Orlando’s The Osprey Tavern, Nancy Pratt owner of Diamond P Equestrian Center and local Bee Keeper Brent Dickson

Jared Pippin, senior associate marketing manager at General Mills, stated “We wanted to honor the honeybees and show our support for the dedicated beekeepers who love honey just as much as we do.”

As a true honey fanatic (see my honey gift guide), I was thrilled to receive a sample of honey from the billboard, and one of the only forty boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios made from this special honey.

Honey Nut Cheerios made with Local Honey

I’m so glad this installation took place right here in Central Florida, and I hope that it helps everyone “bee” aware of the hard work of beekeepers and their bees.

What’s your favorite variety of honey?

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