Trail Mix Ingredients to Make Your Own Trail Mix

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Combine any or all of these recommended trail mix ingredients to make a trail mix that tastes good and keeps you going. Enjoy making your own trail mix!

Trail Mix Ingredients to Make Your Own Trail Mix

Trail mix is a great snack food for someone with a busy life.  Anyone out there got a busy life?

I’m waving my hand in the air like mad right now.

Seriously, who isn’t busy?  The non-busy people must be living on a private island somewhere, because I’ve never met one.

So when your life is a bit, shall we say, “hectic,” how do you keep up?  One of my secret weapons is to make sure that I always have something handy to snack on that is on the nutritious side.

Trail mix is a good option.  That’s why, with the help of Pure Protein Plus Bars, I’ve put together a list of trail mix ingredients that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Apple Pie Protein Bars

These new Pure Protein Plus Bars come in four different flavors which you can use to create a flavor theme for your trail mix:

  • Cookies and Cream
  • Mocha Brownie
  • Apple Pie
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Pure Protein Plus Bars

What I like about these is that they’re high protein, high fiber, low in sugar, and have no artificial sweeteners.  All that protein keeps me on track during the day and makes a great addition to my trail mix as well.

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So, let’s put it all together in a trail mix you’ll love.

Combine any or all of these recommended trail mix ingredients to make a trail mix that tastes good and keeps you going. Enjoy making your own trail mix!

1. Nuts

Nuts are an excellent source of protein, fiber, and nutrients.  I love to use cashews, almonds, pecans, walnuts, or pistachios.  A touch of salt helps highlight the sweet ingredients in your trail mix, so I usually reach for slightly salted nuts.  Peanuts are an inexpensive and familiar choice, too.

2. Dried Fruit

The most commonly used dried fruit in is raisins, but you can certainly get creative.  I’m partial to dried cranberries and cherries.  Apricots give your trail mix a sunny taste, or you can also sprinkle in a little shaved coconut or a few dried pineapple chunks.  Dried fruit gives you a satisfyingly sweet flavor with the added benefit of fiber and other nutrients.

3. Chopped Protein Bars

I use Pure Protein Plus Bars, and I choose the flavor depending on what kind of trail mix I’m making.  Mocha brownie protein bars mix well with roasted almonds and raisins, while apple pie protein bars get tossed with dried apple chips and roasted pecans.  Adding a chopped protein bar is tasty, filling, and helps you get all the protein you need to stay fueled for your day.

4. Seeds

I’m in love with pepitas, sunflower seeds that are roasted, salted, and have the shells already removed.  Pumpkin seeds also add crunch and a salty tang.  Sprinkle in a few chia or flax seeds for an added nutritional boost.

5. Cereal

Cereal is a great shortcut for adding whole grains.  It’s already prepared for you, so all you have to do is throw it in.  Choose mini shredded wheat, whole-grain oat cereal, or any healthy cereal of your choice to add loads of fiber.

Combine any or all of these recommended trail mix ingredients to make a trail mix that tastes good and keeps you going. Enjoy making your own trail mix!

6. Crunchy Crackers and More

Need more crunch than just cereal?  Take your pick of whole grain crackers, popcorn, or a few pretzels and sesame sticks.  Carbohydrates will give you some quick energy; just be sure to pick whole grain whenever possible!

7. Dried Meat

Go savory with some flavored dried meat, such as dried beef or jerky, to balance out the sweetness of dried fruit and chopped protein bars.  There are many flavors out there that will pair nicely with other trail mix ingredients.

8. Dried Vegetables

From wasabi peas to crunchy green beans, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to get your veggies on the go.  Dried vegetables add both fiber and nutrition and can keep your trail mix from getting boring.

9. Spices

One of my favorite ways to add flavor is to mix up a few spices.  A pinch of cinnamon makes my apple pie trail mix perfect.  Or, go savory with a pinch of curry powder.  You can also add a dusting of cocoa powder for a chocolate themed trail mix.  Make it spicy with a dash of cayenne, or go for fall flavor with pumpkin pie spice!

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The trail mix in the photos contains Pure Protein Plus Bars in apple pie flavor, plus cashews, sunflower seeds, and dried cinnamon apples.  (Add cheddar crackers if you like cheddar on your pie!)

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