Food52 Genius Recipes Review

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Food52 Genius Recipes Cookbook Review

It’s pretty ambitious to include the tagline, “100 recipes that will change the way you cook” on a cookbook.  However, I think there’s some merit to it.  Some of these recipes are streamlined, well-written versions of classic recipes.  Others introduce new flavors and techniques that you may not already know.

I like the mixture of classics and innovations.  If I felt in the mood for something familiar, I could turn to a simple spaghetti recipe.  If I felt like challenging myself with something more exotic, I could flip to a curried lentil dish with coconut and mustard seed garnish.

The photography was consistently excellent throughout, and the recipe instructions were very clear and easy to follow.  I’ve tested out three recipes from this cookbook so far, and they’ve all turned out well.  I’ve enjoyed flipping through Food52 Genius Recipes: 100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook.  It’s inspired me to try quite a few new flavors, ingredients, and techniques.  It also strengthened my technique on classic dishes such as hummus.

I’d recommend this cookbook to any home cook who’d like a little inspiration and who enjoys learning how to improve his or her cooking technique.


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