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Mind Blowing Doctor Who Recipes

Whovians, are you ready for the most amazing Doctor Who recipes? 

This time, our theme is Series 8.  We wanted you to be able to enjoy these incredible recipes in time for the two-part finale!


Entry #1

Spider Brownies inspired by “Kill the Moon”

Created by Katie from The Perfect Brownie

Halloween brownies, decorated as spider brownies

Spider Brownies


Katie says:

I hate spiders in real life, but I thought they’d be ideal to recreate in brownie form.  That’s how you conquer your fears; by eating them!


Entry #2

Steampunk Cookie Cogs inspired by the title sequence

Created by Vohn of Vohn’s Vittles

Doctor Who Gear Cookies Recipe

Steampunk Cookie Cogs


Vohn says:

I love the new titles series, especially the swirling clockwork cogs at the start which suggest the inner workings of the TARDIS or perhaps the universe itself. It all feels very steampunk to me, and it inspired me to make these Doctor Who steampunk cookie cogs.


Entry #3

 Half-Face Man Cake inspired by “Deep Breath”

Created by Dini of Giramuk’s Kitchen


Doctor Who Baking Recipe of the Half Face Man from Series 8

Half Face Man Cake


Dini says:

I loved that they brought back the clockwork droids with a new face this season, and the clockwork droids creeped me out! I wanted to play on their evolution and made the sculpted cake to hopefully reflect that.


Entry #4

Are You My Mummy Cake (Chocolate stout cake with swiss meringue buttercream) 

Created by Morgan Perkins of Peaches, Please

Doctor Who Recipes Mummy Cake for Time Lord Chefs

Are You My Mummy Cake


Morgan says:

The “Are you my mummy?” reference dates back to 2005, the first season of the reboot, and had been referenced throughout the series. Most recently, it showed up in an episode about an actual mummy (Mummy on the Orient Express), which made me immensely happy. And because it’s, you know, Halloween, I just couldn’t help myself. Ergo, the mummy cake.


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